Nagaishi Tamiko Calligraphy


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暁と夜烏鳴けどこの丘のこぬれの上は いまだ静けし

Night crows are cawing telling of the coming dawn, yet above the treetops here on the mountain no birds have come and gone, it is still quiet

Poet unknown

Man’yōshū Book 7 Poem 1263

万葉集 第7巻 1263番歌

Man’yōshū (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves, or Collection of a Myriad Leaves) is Japan’s oldest collection of waka (or tanka) 31-syllable poems; compiled in the 7-8th centuries.

Calligrapher: Nagaishi Tamiko sensei (長石タミコ先生) – Calligraphy brushed in sōsho 草書a very cursive style of writing characters (sometimes referred to as grass writing [or hand or style])


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